Introducing La Grande Crème

La Grande Crème

Available January 2018

In 2017, the Gene Expression DNA laboratory in San Diego made a major discovery in the area of cellular reprogramming: not only does this action block aging, but it also rejuvenates cells and reverses damage.

Epigenetic discoveries show that it is now possible to repair negative traits within cells and counter cutaneous aging.


For the very first time, Biologique Recherche has identified and selected EpigenActiv©, a peptide that acts on EGF (or epidermal growth factor) receptors, which are essential to regenerate tissues and recycle degraded proteins. It acts on the cutaneous aging process to promote genuine cellular regeneration.

This discovery gave rise to La Grande Crème.
La Grande Crème is Biologique Recherche’s new innovation for skin affected by cutaneous aging. It promotes regeneration to renew strength and epidermal restructuring. This revolutionary cream tackles all age-related phenomena, for a facial treatment that is both complete and effective.

• Regenerating: genuine cellular revival
• Structuring and volumizing: provides a lifting effect
• Firming: improves the skin’s biomechanical properties
• Anti-wrinkle: diminishes the size and depth of wrinkles
• Anti-spot: diminishes pigmentation irregularities
• Protective: improves the quality of the skin barrier

La Grande Crème 

Media Launch

This past October we officially launched La Grande Crème to Canada's top beauty journalists and influencers in Toronto. Held at the architecturally stunning Aga Khan Museum, the revolutionary cream was presented by co-owners Dr. Philippe Allouche and Pierre-Louis Delapalme. Thank you to The Principle Brands team and our fantastic PR Agency for making this a success.

Now Available! Patchs Defatigants

The skin of the eye contour area is the thinnest, most fragile and most active part of the human body, particularly prone to the formation of signs of fatigue and age.

For this reason, Biologique Recherche developed Patchs Défatigants, a one-time use eye mask that combines innovation, comfort and performance in a pre-measured format.

Immediately, only 15 minutes after application, puffiness is reduced, skin is smoothed and lifted, wrinkles and dehydration lines are less visible and bags are erased, for rested eyes.

Their innovative natural biocellulose fiber medium and "tweezer-like" shape perfectly adhere to the eye contour area for effective and comprehensive treatment.

In salons, the eye contour area module means that work can be carried out on the eye contour area using cryosticks and specific actions during the placement time for the Patchs Défatigants (15 minutes), guaranteeing optimal effects.
At home, the product can be used as a 3-week revitalizing program (since it is only used once a week) acting to reduce signs of fatigue and make eyes brighter.

Recommended for all tired Skin Instants with under-eye puffiness.
For to access the marketing file please click here.

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