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Our jade roller is ideal for all skin tyes and can be used on bare skin, over a favorite sheet mask or with your existing skin care. 

Our signature roller is a premium soft stone tool that transfers heat awway from the skin to help calm inflammation. The double-ended design cares for all areas of the face and neck to deliver a cooling and scilpting effect that will benefit all skin tyes, en the most sensitive.

Size and quality matter.

Our goal was to create the most effective jade roller on the market to ensure maximum results. We worked with our suppliers for aover a year to guarantee its high materials and too design the perfect size.


Always cool to the touch, jade stone calms irritated skin on contact while disminishing the look of enlarged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles and around the eyes, mounth, forehard, and neck.


Gentle massage movements promote lympatic drainage to reduce puffiness, and encourage lift and definition along cheekbnes, jawline and the eye area.

Makes your skincare products work harder by increading absorption and stimulating circulation and collagem production to reveal brighter comlecion.