FORBES - Auteur Is The Newest High Luxury Beauty Brand Rewriting The Skincare Narrative

FORBES - Auteur Is The Newest High Luxury Beauty Brand Rewriting The Skincare Narrative

A powder-form cleanser from ultra high luxury skincare brand, AUTEUR, is priced at $170. Even with it’s chic packaging—a seven sided glass bottle with a tortoise print cap—beauty enthusiasts will still wonder if it’s worth their hard earned cash. That it comes in a pure white power consistency as opposed to the usual oils, gels and bars, is another reason for piqued curiosity.

The German-born premium label promises to deliver “High Active Skincare.” By this, they are referring to “responsibly formulated actives, unrivaled regenerative growth factors and advanced delivery systems that target individual cells for repair.” The goal, they add, is to bring skin to optimal health. A promise of this scale, and at a time when every other label claims to work miracles, had to be put to test.



Arrival of a bright amber carton from AUTEUR, made a strong impression. It was an unexpected yet striking color choice for a luxury label. Often times, we see soothing greens, immaculate whites and deep blues from high luxury beauty brands. This packaging immediately indicated that the new kid on the block, was out to challenge the status quo. Three stunning bottles lay inside, each looking more like home décor than beauty products. There were different tortoise prints for every cap. AUTEUR’s team writes: “The color symbolizes new beginnings and energy. Seven sided recyclable glass vessels symbolize perfection and luck. The tortoise shell patterned caps add a fun layer of surprise to unboxing. Consumers will never know what pattern they will receive until unveiling.” There was a sudden desire to clear out the entire beauty counter and place my three new AUTEUR bottles front and center. (...)

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