BR March Update

Focus on Body - Slimming and Cellulite

We heard from a credible French source that Parisian women start working on their bodies in March to be ready for the beach in Summer.  BR is loyal to this tradition by offering some of the most results-oriented at-home products to achieve the best version of ourselves in a bathing suit.

Home Care Regimen for Cellulite Reduction

Step 1:

Gentle exfoliation with P50 Corps (body) and the Massage Glove
Liberally spray the P50 Body all over the legs, thighs and buttocks.  Use the hard-spiked side of the massage glove to help exfoliate the skin. (The P50 may feel sticky after drying - this is normal)
This step can be performed nightly with or without the glove.

Step 2:

Smoothing massage with Lipogen AC and the Massage Glove

Apply Lipogen AC to the affected area in an upwards motion.  Massage into the skin using both sides of the massage glove to enhance ingredient penetration and the smoothing of the underlying support structures.

Step 3:

Tighten slackened skin on the inner thighs and arms using Serum Matriciel

Apply Serum Matriciel in an upwards motion on the inner thighs, arms and chest up to the neck for improve elasticity and for overall tightening and toning.

Step 4:
Hydrate with the appropriate moisturizer.
Emulsion Originelle Regenerante
Corps - dehydrated skin
Creme MSR-H Corps - mature skin that is pre-menopausal or menopausal
Creme Dermo-RL Corps - dilapidated skin, a body butter
Emulsion Corps VIP O2 - all skin instants
Double action creams:
Creme Anti-C - hydration plus cellulite reduction
Creme Reparatrice - hydration plus firming

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