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DESCRIPTION James Read Tanning Applicator - For a Perfect Finish

This soft flock mitt is ideal for applying any tanning solution to body, face and neck. Use to achieve a flawless, streak-free, and perfectly natural-looking tan.


Use with all James Read products for the perfect, streak-free tan
Reusable and machine washable
So soft you can use it on your face as well as your body
Suits all skin tones

Only use dry mitt with product. Wash mitt with soap and lukewarm water between uses and stand upright to dry.

FACE Using a tanning glove, apply the product on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Penetrate the product into the skin, hairline, jawbone and behind the ears.

Apply the excess product of the face on the front of the neck and on the back for a credible tan.

Gently apply the product on the skin. Be careful not to rub too much.

Once you have covered the chest and belly, starting with the left shoulder, make the self tan on your back with sweeping movements down. Repeat this with the right. Then, starting at the base of the spine, work the product upward, making sure to apply it to the sides of the body. Take a wooden spoon, put your tanning glove on it and secure with an elastic band. The long handle will allow you to evenly distribute the tan and easily reach the center of the back.


Using the tanning glove, apply the product with movements from the bottom of the shoulder to the wrist. Rotate the arm and work the tanner from front to back. Fold your fingers and slide the excess product from the arms over your hands and fingers. Rub a small amount of moisturizer on areas that you want to look natural that can usually become dark like the sides of the hands and underarms.

A tanning mitt is the only way to achieve a professional looking finish. It not only helps to create a flawless tan, but avoids unwanted orange palms